Heat Insulated Precast Wall Panel System

Work Precast GRC Precast Panels are fixed to the building with special channel type anchoring materials as a system, supported by steel frame with the required cross-sectional dimensions according to the static calculation . In accordance with the architectural design of precast Author rendered modular GRC precast panel, reinforced frame while mounting structure completed, which may be in the building skeleton plumb and measurement problems it allows to be easily overcome by predetermined.

The concrete has a high compressive strength but it is not the same against pulling. Glass fiber reinforced concrete with special fibers in both pulling and pressure-resistant. For example, the tensile strength of glass fiber is 3 times of steel, elasticity the module is 3-4 times.

In addition, the material does not rust, the material is very long life. Eser Precast Heat Insulated Facade Panel System provides an unmistakable and error-free surface to distinguish buildings from a gem. Whether it is facade panels or decorative elements, all of the work Precast products allow creative and aesthetic designs in buildings. Author can be used with natural colors such as precast it can also be dyed in any desired color. It has a long lasting and clean surface . Precast Heat Insulated Facade Panel System and Decorative elements can be installed more easily and faster than alternative facade systems. Eser Precast Heat Insulated Facade Panel System provides very high thermal insulation for all climate conditions with its aluminum foiled rockwool which is in A1 sandwich class . GRC Precast has a good acoustic performance. GRC Precast with 10 mm thicknessprovides sound insulation over 30 dB average . Work Precast fiber reinforced concrete is non-flammable, non-flammable and does not burn in any way. You can also visit St. Gobain Cem-FIL alkali resistant fibers (ARG) produced by Author precast acid and alkali, and resistance to ultraviolet light and biological effect.